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Recent Testimonials 

Very nice with a great natural touch. Explained everything very well and was open and receptive to my needs. 
Hannah's demeanor was very genuine - she made me feel like I mattered and I was important. I felt her total attention.
What a lovely, sincere, and calming presence. The whole vibe was very relaxing. Anyone who can get snores out of me has got my number. I can relax easily, but getting me to nod off is an achievement.
I always appreciate a therapist who shows they have a good understanding of my issues and things I can do to help myself.

Hannah was very thorough in her process, making sure everything was clear between us. She has such healing hands and a wonderful manner! 
The massage had great flow. Never felt rushed. Gave extra attention to trouble spots and gave me feedback on things that will help me at home.

Hannah has lovely, confident movements and does a wonderful job working in everything we discuss (jaw pain, etc.).

The time and attention she gives to each area is so balanced (unless I ask for extra work) and the attention to detail is amazing. 

Thank you for the jaw work! And your foot work was AMAZING!

She is very calming. I almost fell asleep which has never happened with a massage before!
She really addressed my problem areas and focused on them and other issues I didn't even realize. Hannah was awesome! Will see her again.
Wonderful massage! I get massaged a lot and that was definitely one of my favs. Great pressure. Very relaxed. Thank you!
Hannah did a great job - would recommend her.
She did a wonderful job of getting me to relax and explaining helpful things to do.

Just knew exactly how to treat my troubled areas. 
Felt comfortable with the approach and her understanding of limitations for pregnancy. It was wonderful. Can't wait to do it again - very calming voice.
I thought this was an amazing experience and I would come back to Hannah again!
Not just being nice, best massage I've had. The work on the hands was very nice. 
Thank you for your care!
Hannah did a fabulous job! She has such a sweet and helpful personality :) Great work Hannah!
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