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Welcome to Hannah Cavalier Massage and Astrology

Experience the healing power of touch with Hannah Cavalier, a skilled Massage Therapist and Astrologer based in Bozeman, Montana. Hannah offers a unique blend of massage techniques, channeled readings, and astrological insights to provide a spiritual approach to wellness. Discover a unique way to connect with yourself and book your session today.

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Cosmic Affirmations

Take a deep breath, set an intention, and click to receive...

Experience Deep Relaxation and Cosmic Insight

My business began when I felt I had unique passions and talents in spiritual communication - receiving auditorial, visual, and sensory messages from people's presence, energy, and physical body,  and felt deeply that I needed to share them. I believe that your physical and spiritual wellbeing go hand in hand and your body can communicate beyond words. With spiritual connection and empathy, I offer sessions that not only aim support your physical healing but also soothe the soul. I hope to create an open and safe space that allows you to explore the emotional and physical aspects of life and return to a natural state of peace and stability.

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I thought this was an amazing experience and I would come back to Hannah again!

Hannah's demeanor was very genuine - she made me feel like I mattered and I was important. I felt her total attention.
Hannah was very thorough in her process, making sure everything was clear between us. She has such healing hands and a wonderful manner! 

Studio Address

1919 Fairway Drive, Room 103
Bozeman, Montana 59715
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